A billboard alone created unprecedented waiting list of home buyers (if the product is right)


The announcement of a residential property development through a billboard in Florida has already resulted in a waiting list of over 2,000 interested home buyers, declared Greg Singleton – Metro Development Group’s President– in front of thousands of developers in attendance at a Conference in Dallas, Texas, in October 2016.

Multinational Water Innovation company Crystal Lagoons, has established an office in Cape Town and looks forward to announcing a project in South Africa soon. Look out for a billboard advertising a Crystal Lagoon, which will undoubtedly have a similar effect on demand for units in local developments.

Singleton spoke about the four residential projects in Tampa, Florida his company is developing, each featuring a 7 to 10 acre Crystal Lagoon. “We put the signs up on I-75, and that’s all the advertisement we’ve done, and we already have 2,000 names on a waitlist, without really trying, “ said Greg Singleton. “It’s been incredible the response.”

Photos of Crystal Lagoons’ actual projects and key messages such as “Epic Splash” and “Water This Way” were just enough to raise the interest of Tampa’s population.

Alastair Sinclair, the Regional Director for Crystal Lagoons in Africa, says: “The option to include a beach lifestyle even at inland locations, is a major drawcard for residential developers and those in the hospitality industry. So much so that only a billboard is needed to secure buyers.”

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Alan Rorke is an account manager at Irvine Partners, one of the most sought-after Public-relations agencies in South Africa