FCB Cape Town & Hellocomputer fly two lions down to the Mother City

A ballsy integrated effort between FCB Cape Town and digital agency, Hellocomputer, was recently recognised by the Cannes Festival of Creativity with two Silver Lions in the Health and Wellness Category for online video.

These big cats are impressively shiny and heavy, but also represent the most distinguished global award for advertising, communications, data and innovation. And Testi-monials, the brave campaign for CANSA, is nothing less than stand-out.

CANSA Testi-monials 1

Faced with the challenge of getting men to talk about testicular cancer (in a country where personal stuff is rarely shared), FCB Cape Town decided to go right to the source and find some wrinkly representatives to do the talking for them, convincing the male market to #HaveTheBalls to do the same.

CANSA Testi-monials 2

With Hellocomputer’s world class 3D animation skills, and some pretty impressive video production, the team brought these wrinkly characters to life, causing quite a bit of discomfort, all round.

With a microsite that answered all FAQs, social shout-outs that certainly surprised some celebrities and several translations for others around the world, guys started to talk about their balls.

“Winning at Cannes is an achievement we’ve aspired to for many years and knowing that it’s for such a worthy cause like testicular cancer makes it mean that much more. Our collaboration with partners FCB Cape Town really proves we are an integrated force to recon with and we couldn’t be more proud of this combined achievement,” said Simon Spreckley, Executive Creative Director. 

This is a significant first for Hellocomputer but definitely not a last, as together with FCB, they continue to reimagine what is possible.

Check it out for yourself: http://www.testi-monials.co.za/


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