[Video] How did Ogilvy walk away with four Apex Awards for Effective Creativity?

[Video] How did Ogilvy walk away with four Apex Awards for Effective Creativity?

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 24 July 2015

At the recent creative effectivity APEX Awards ceremony hosted by the ACA, Ogilvy & Mather S.A. scooped up a number of accolades.  So how exactly is the Group achieving these results for its clients?



“We had seven entries across PR, digital, advertising and communications, and we were excited to put ourselves to the task to ensure that each one of our campaigns performed extremely well and communicated our commitment to integration,” explains Neo Makhele, Group Strategy Director.

She highlighted the fact that the Group won two Golds (for the FNB ATM Switch campaign and the Castle Lite – Extra Cold campaign) as well as a Silver and Bronze Apex Award.

“The Castle Lite campaign was around gaining marketing distinction and talking to refreshment, and so many other brands would love to own that territory,” she says.  “Our case study proved that our repositioning from being a cool brand to a brand that has distinction within ‘refreshment’ really has paid off for the brand.”

Delivering Real Results

According to Makhele, ‘effectiveness is really about the belief that the work that we do for brand’s delivers results. And it’s holding ourselves accountable to that promise.’

She adds: “We believe it’s only great work if it delivers great results  – and if it delivers value, brand equity and if it really ensures that we have stronger relationships with our consumers and we can affect their behaviour…”

In her view, there’s often a perception that ‘advertising communication is creativity for creativity’s sake.’

“But if you actually see the kind of equity that we bring back into a brand as an industry, you see there is a need for us to communicate our commitment to effectiveness.”


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