[Video] Now the local Uber for moving your stuff…

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 24 March 16

Having recognised how laborious the process of getting quotes from movers can be, local startup movethisStuff™ is looking to digitise the process – and remove the pain.



“It’s an online platform that generates comparative quotes for moving,” explains Michaela Hogan, CEO, movethisStuff™. “So, it’s the Uber for moving stuff…”

Within an hour, users can receive quotes from movers nationwide, says Hogan. They can then book and pay online. Movers also receive unlimited quotes, for free.

She admits that consumer trust is a big issue, and something that the startup has specifically addressed in its strategy.

“We’ve partnered with a company which does all the background screening and vetting of all movers and drivers,” she says, noting that it’s the same company that Uber uses to screen its drivers.

The platform also gives movers – of all sizes – a fair chance at winning business.

“We’re looking to boost job creation – whether it’s a man with a van wanting to start a business, or a more established moving company wanting to drive down their operational, marketing and advertising costs,” adds Hogan.


For the founding team, Hogan says that finding time and resources has been a challenge so far, as well as staying focused on the key mission.

“People always have ideas to add to your business model, and you need to quickly decide what is in line with the model in order to move the business forward…”

The platform will officially launch in April 2016.


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