Coca-Cola Inspires Happiness through Art on International Day of Happiness

Coca-Cola Inspires Happiness through Art on International Day of Happiness


Known as the brand that creates moments of happiness, this year The Coca-Cola Company is creating moments of happiness through its 100 year anniversary celebrations of its iconic glass Contour Bottle.


South African artist Mbongeni Buthelezi was one of the few local artists who experienced an once-in-a-lifetime moment of happiness when he was asked to display his Coca-Cola inspired art in the recently launched Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour.


“To be a part of the Coca-Cola art tour in South Africa feels absolutely fulfilling both spiritually and otherwise. When I started working with Coca-Cola products way back in 1991 I never thought my efforts would be recognized or acknowledged. I never dreamt I could be part of a big exhibition such as this Bottle Art Tour and meet the people I have met, let alone have my work displayed alongside the greats such as Andy Warhol, Clive Barker and Norman Rockwell,” explains Buthelezi.


The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour arrived in the country in Cape Town on 26th February and travelled to Johannesburg on 11th March. It is now moving to over 16 other countries with Japan being its next stop. The Art Tour houses an array of Coca-Cola inspired art throughout the decades. At each stop, local artists are given the opportunity to display their work to the public and to VIPs in the country.


Buthelezi describes himself as someone who is constantly looking for new challenges, which is exactly what he found when painting the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle for the first time. “Painting the Coca-Cola Bottle was a true inspiration to me as I started looking at its form, the contour lines as well as its true beauty because of its reflections and shape. With every slight movement I made, it started to affect my composition. As the light changed, it became even more exciting to use as my subject matter,” said Buthelezi.


Buthelezi attributes his career’s success to Coca-Cola and believes that his work has always revolved around the brand and its products. “


The Coca-Cola contour bottle, an enduring classic icon in the history of packaging design, remains a canvas for innovation today. And it was the use of Coca-Cola’s plastic six pack shrink wrappers that made Buthelezi into the renowned artist he is today. “I was attracted mostly by the intensity of colours, textures and quality. I found experimenting with this material was an ingenious way for me to express myself further. I also see it as a perfect way of recycling and making a small contribution to the environment”.


“My experience working with Coca-Cola and its products has also taught me that at times one doesn’t need money to have a life-changing experience or wonderful moments of happiness. I could not put into words the happiness I felt when I saw my art next to international heavy weights. Being part of the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour in South Africa is an honour and highlight of my artistic career. I would like to thank Coca-Cola for the difference it has made to me and my career. I am pleased to say that Coca-Cola has changed my life for the better,” concluded Buthelezi.


With the world celebrating International Day of Happiness today, Coca-Cola aims to continue inspiring generations to come with its moments of happiness.

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