It’s All About Light, Color, and Movement With the Art by Gavin Campbell

It’s All About Light, Color, and Movement With the Art by Gavin Campbell

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God, light, divinity, nature, people, sport, space, energy, color, and movement: These, and more, are the driving forces behind the wonderful pieces of digital art created by UK-based artist Gavin Campbell.

A Sought-After Digital Artist

Gavin Campbell is a freelancer specialized in illustration and graphic design. As you’ll shortly be able to explore for yourself, Campbell is an exceptional artist, but a sought-after professional, too. He is, in fact, one of the 40 ACP’s (Adobe Community Professionals) in the UK, and also guest tutor at Digital-Tutors — a community of artists, designers, and professionals helping people to learn the skills they need to create digital art.

Boasting a List of Important Clients

Since 2001, Campbell has worked and collaborated with global brands in the field of editorial, fashion, lifestyle, advertising, conceptual, branding, as well as character design and development.

The artist can today boast a list of renowned clients, such as: Microsoft, Sony Music, Sky TV, McDonald’s, Ferrari, and many more. On the top of that, Campbell can also include on the list of clients two extremely known personalities: Lenny Kravitz, and Pharrell Williams — both being worldwide renowned singers and songwriters.

Inspired by a Combination of Driving Forces

The artist is mainly drawn to lighting effects, photo-illustration, and composing. Campbell aims to create a sense of movement via kinetic and electric energy. His style is a unique combination of elements that make his approach highly appreciated by clients worldwide.

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