[Video] Bringing high visibility back to a brand that consumers ‘see’ every day.

[Video] Bringing high visibility back to a brand that consumers ‘see’ every day.

It’s a nice problem to have: a brand and products that are so ubiquitous and so seamlessly connected with their consumers, that they are constantly seen, but maybe not always noticed. Adam Byars, Managing Partner of GRID Worldwide, and Farren Roper, CMO Lead at Microsoft South Africa, discuss Microsoft’s new campaign strategy…

Watch the full interview and see the campaign here:

Bringing high visibility back to a brand that consumers ‘see’ every day.

Roper explains that Microsoft’s new campaign ‘Plus More Summer’ has been developed in line with the brand’s new strategy – focused on telling stories that appeal to hearts and minds  – with an emphasis on the solution and not necessarily the product. The highly visual campaign was born out of the insight that Microsoft is an “…enabler to a happier more connected life. The more seamless your connectivity, the more seamless your Summer,” he adds.. The campaign is built on three pillars; seamlessly connected fun, seamlessly connected devices and seamlessly connected productivity.

Collaboration does it for Microsoft and GRID Worldwide

Byars explains that the collective intelligence and collaboration between GRID and Microsoft teams made for an interesting process – and end result. He adds that the overarching  campaign goal was to develop messaging that encompassed various products and offerings. “It’s a single minded campaign; one Microsoft with one message that spans across Microsoft mobile devices,  office solutions, apps and first and third party devices,” says Roper.

Byars elaborates that one of Microsoft’s pain points was that is has been perceived as a B2B solution, and so the message of seamless connectivity for all South Africans had to come across impactfully. The integrated campaign elements include a strong weighting on Digital with OOH and Social Media components.

Bringing out the ‘coolness’ of an already ‘cool’ brand

Many South African’s already interact with Microsoft products throughout the course of their day so the campaign works on bringing that to the fore and creating fresh visibility for the brand. “Microsoft has always been a cool brand, and through this campaign, consumers will get to see just how cool we are,” says Roper. Byars says that working with Microsoft has been exciting “…because they have such strong global assets. What we tried to do… was develop key campaign assets that speak to the brand itself.” He continues that using the vibrant Microsoft coloured tiles graphic device provided a strong, colourful and energetic canvas off which to work.

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