[Video] Red Heart Rum Celebrates the Power of Heritage

[Video] Live with Heart: Red Heart Rum Celebrates Power of Heritage

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 21 September 2015

Red Heart Rum recently launched a bold new bottle design and brand positioning which celebrates the power of heritage and staying true to one’s roots. Jacqui Richards, Client Services Director at The Brand Union, explains that the brand was stagnating, and needed an overhaul…



“Although our consumer base was remaining loyal, we weren’t managing to attract new consumers to the original dark rum category – so we started doing some research with Pernod Ricard to understand why,” says Richards. “Some of the feedback from consumers revealed that the brand itself wasn’t resonating with them.”

She adds: “At that stage, the positioning around the brand was ‘if it wasn’t for you, or if you had to think about it, it wasn’t for you’…so it was quite an isolating scenario whereby consumers felt that they were excluded from the brand story. This prompted the need to reposition the brand, and find something that was universally true to consumers (and attract new consumers into this realm).”

Bold & Brave

Richards notes that the new positioning, Live with Heart, was based on the idea that ‘we sometimes regret the things we never did, but we never regret the things we do’.

“It’s not about Dutch courage, but more about living life to the fullest,” she says. “So, how can we get consumers to feel really attached to the brand, and to start living with heart?”

“Red Heart Rum has a rich heritage and has always lived with heart, and stayed true to itself,” adds Martinique Wilkinson, Creative Director, The Brand Union. “It’s always been made the same way. Also, it’s a very bold brand, and has a very distinctive taste. So the positioning around being bold and brave was a very good fit for the brand.”

She adds: “If you want to give a brand a purpose, and a reason for existing in people’s lives, what are you giving to people? We want to inspire people to live with heart.”

Rich Heritage

With regards to the new bottle design and packaging, Wilkinson says that they needed to make sure that the brand spoke to the intrinsic values of the product, its rich heritage, and how rum is made.

“Our challenge was giving the bottle a premium look in line with the quality liquid without taking away its heritage,” explains Wilkinson. “And I think we have been successful. The sides of the bottle are embossed to give a firm grip to it so that it feels good in the hand, and also to reflect the line work texture on the label design. The bulged neck gives a nod to traditional rum bottles, while echoing the original Red Heart bottle.”

She adds: “We’ve also included the fact that it’s an award-winning rum at the top of the bottle [on the lid] …it is a quality product and we’ve tried to capture that.”

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