[Video] SABC joins the ranks of leading digital content platforms

As consumers increasingly look to digital mediums for their news and entertainment, traditional broadcasters such as the SABC have had to quickly – and constantly – adapt their strategies. Elouise Kelly, Senior Marketing and Media Executive, SABC, explains how technology has impacted the three key areas of content: creation, distribution and consumption.



With regards to the creation of content, she cites the example of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, where the broadcaster installed a whole new studio with new tech to ‘drive the messaging home’.

“So it’s also about using less cumbersome equipment, as well as the most up to date,” she says.

“We distribute content through the linear mediums (TV and radio) but now tech is allowing us to tap into consumers wherever they are…so we use the Internet, apps, videos, YouTube channels, etc.”


According to Kelly, SABC Online is one of the leading digital news distributors in SA.

“From a messaging perspective, and getting to the consumers, we use all the latest tech at our disposal…mobile and digital media campaigns, etc,” she says. “We are using lots of digital screens, so not just static outdoor billboards, so consumers are able to see our messaging in video format. We are also looking to convert our billboards to be able to screen live TV, for example.”

Kelly notes that the SABC’s Education arm has also successfully launched an educational app, which is targeted at young learners and gives them access to key resources in an accessible format.

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