[Video] How to Retain Customers By Leveraging Your Own Data

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 3 May 16

In a challenging business environment, local brands and businesses are scrambling to find ways to acquire – and retain – new customers. Tess Sulaman, Managing Director at Rocketseed South Africa, an email media company, says that brands should be paying close attention to which marketing channels are working – and which are falling out of favour.



“About three years ago, research firm Econsultancy released a cross-channel marketing report which revealed that 70% of respondents found it much cheaper to retain customers than it was to acquire them,” says Sulaman. “Also, 49% of respondents said that content marketing was becoming ‘much more valuable’.”

Three years on, Sulaman notes that Econsultancy have released another report which shows that email is ‘still at the top of the charts in terms of ROI.’

According to the report, in 2015 the perceived value of email as a channel was 66%, and this year it’s up to 73%. In addition, it is the first time that email has received a more positive response than SEO.


“In today’s tough economic climate, brands are becoming more focused on retention initiatives,” she adds. “Brands and customers are looking for extra value, so initiating relevant dialogues for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities – as well as feedback – becomes essential.”

Sulaman says that at Rocketseed, they help brands to initiate those dialogues with their customers for these initiatives.

“Depending on the campaign you’re trying to run and get data back on, we allow brands to use Rocketseed as the media that will intercept any communications leaving the organisation (and to identify whether that recipient needs an up-sell offer; information around certain products; or whether they are trying to get feedback) – and then to have a central location to store the data for future campaigns….”

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