REPORT: Nielsen Reveals ‘Traditional Advertising’ Still Most Trusted in SA

REPORT: Nielsen Reveals ‘Traditional Advertising’ Still Most Trusted in SA

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 8 December 15

Despite the proliferation of social media networks and digital channels as a way to build brand awareness, South Africans still place most of their trust in more traditional forms of communication/advertising. This is according to the latest Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, which polled 30 000 online respondents in 60 countries to gauge consumer sentiment in 19 forms of paid, earned and owned advertising mediums.

Local findings revealed that the second highest number of respondents in the survey said they trust editorial content such as newspaper articles. Brand sponsorship, adverts on TV, newspapers, magazines and radio, each saw 75% of respondents indicating they trust these forms of advertising.

In terms of the advertising messages, 64% said humorous ads followed by those depicting real life situations (51%) and family-orientated ads (50%) were the most impactful.

“It’s clear that while there isn’t one simple rule for maximizing advertising effectiveness, understanding how consumers feel about the ads served on the various media platforms they use every day is a good place to start,” says Candice Ulrich, Nielsen South Africa Head of Media.

However, trust in advertising within the Digital realm is undoubtedly growing. The highest number of local respondents said they trust branded websites (71%) followed by 68% of South Africans stating they trust emails they signed up for and 66% indicating that they trust consumer opinions posted online.

“Consumers are now very much in control of how they consume content and interact with brands,” adds Ulrich. “Understanding ad resonance across screens is therefore the only way to successfully drive ‘memorability’ and brand lift today.”

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Reaching Millennials

Millennials are always a tricky audience to reach, and the Nielsen study found that globally, Millennials (age 21-34), who came of age with the Internet, have the highest levels of trust in online and mobile formats. They are followed closely by Generation X (age 35-49). Half or nearly half of Millennials trust online video ads (53%), ads on social networks (51%) and online banner ads (47%).

“Millennials consume media differently than their older counterparts, exercising greater control over when and where they watch, listen and read content—and on which device,” says Ulrich. “But even if they rely less heavily on traditional channels, their trust and willingness to act on these formats remains high. While an integrated, multi-channel approach is best across all generations, it carries even more importance when reaching Millennials.”

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