The Xenophobia brand takes over the news and social media.

The Xenophobia brand takes over the news and social media.

In last  week’s Media Brand Buzz  ROi Africa looked into the media around the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Tonya Khoury, Managing Director  says “it’s incredible to see the level of reporting both in news and social media regarding these attacks.”

Social and news media in South Africa.

ROi africa compared the Xenophobia coverage against other major trending stories and it monopolised  66.36 % of the South African news media. Coming in second to the Xenophobia issue was the  the announcement of Brian Molefe taking over the role of acting CEO of Eskom – the change in leadership took up 23.97% of coverage. “ It’s interesting to note that ‘the Rhodes statue’ press that was so big last week and the week before has dwindled to 2.43%” says Khoury. The statue is completely completely off the charts compared to where it was more than a week ago, which shows how South African media  goes for the story most relevant at that particular time, Khoury observes .

Top Social Media themes around the Xenophobia attacks

The hashtags that have circled the media platforms are mainly #NoToXenophobia #NoToAfrophobia. The most popular theme has been the call  to Zuma for action which came in at 42.33%. In particular through the south african media, South Africans are making it known that the president needs to step forward. The newest xenophobia trend has been #RIPEmmanuelSithole. Emmanueal Sithole man who passed away recently after being attacked in the streets of Alexandra.,

International Xenophobia coverage.

Due to the significant global impact of the story, ROi Africa took its analysis further to look at the international Xenophobia media effect.. The xenophobia coverage represented  16% of the top global trending stories.. Khoury says it’s fascinating that the second largest trend in media over the same period was  the latest Star Wars movie coming out.

African companies take action

The Xenophobia issues definitely impact on South African business and because of this, brands and  companies are going to great lengths to help their employees. The South African companies that trade internationally are the ones most –  affected by these attacks – through boycotts across the continent. MTN and Sasol have been brought into the media spotlight  through Sasol’s initiative to move their staff from their Mozambican operation,  which gave the brand 23% of the Xenophobia coverage. Next was MTN at 17.54% and  Shoprite at 13.33%. “The impact for businesses is huge not only on the African continent but also here in South Africa.” says Khoury.

Our condolences to everyone affected by these Xenophobic attacks.


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