[Video] How Political Brands Played the #FeesMustFall Movement

Destiny Magazine Fees Must Fall[Video] How Political Brands Played the #FeesMustFall Movement

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 2 December 15

In this week’s Media Brand Buzz report, Sandy Postlethwayt, Managing Director, Data Driven Insights Africa, explains how various media platforms and political brands approached the #FeesMustFall debate…



She points to how Destiny magazine announced via social media that they would put the Wits SRC president on the front cover of their December issue.

“What fascinated me was the way in which Ndalo Media reacted to the negative sentiment around the December issue,” she says. “Their response was swift, and they used fact-based evidence to support their decision.”

According to Postlethwayt, people were ‘up in arms’ about the way in which Destiny used the Wits SRC president to represent the entire #FeesMustFall movement. The president seemed to change her position on the issue, and many people argued that she was only chasing publicity…

“From a location perspective, Joburg and Cape Town came through strongly,” she adds. “The combined figure of these two cities came to 620 000 posts.”

Interestingly, she notes that when the movement started in Joburg, Facebook was the strongest platform. But when the story caught on in Cape Town, Twitter became the dominant platform.

She says that the conversation was dominated by the youth, although there were a wide variety of influencers. EWN was the top influencer, followed by the DA, and local hip-hop star Casper Nyovest came in third…

“EWN used social media very cleverly and gave us a running commentary – so they kept their audience constantly informed.”

“During the movement, we saw very contradictory statements from ministers within government,” she says, adding that it was interesting to see how the various ‘political brands’ interacted with students during the movement.

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