A new tool to future-proof brands

A new tool to future-proof brands

Brand Imprint is a tool being used by global clients to evaluate their brand strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of a business that should be augmented to improve a consumer’s brand experience.

Gary Bryant, Managing Director of Brand Union, discusses their Brand Imprint Tool and how it guides brands to increase positive brand interactions and brand longevity…

The tool measures brands across four key areas:

1.)  Brand Impression & Visual Perception

2.) Brand Relevance & Differentiation

3) Brand Interaction & Responsivity

4) Brand Longevity – Environmental, technological etc

Brand Imprinting is  not about a pretty logo…

Bryant says that brand longevity, relevance and resonance is  not about a pretty logo or a great advertising campaign, it is about positive brand interactions. As such, the brand imprint tool links each company/brand activity to the way that the customer perceives delivery – this how the tool produces an holistic view of the way that the organization operates and the way that is it perceived

“We also have a site set up … where we input all of the data collected from the 24 offices around the world,” explains Bryant. Over time Brand Union is building up significant insights into category norms, and is able to identify when a brand is not performing in its category.

One of Brand Union’s first clients to make use of the Brand Imprint tool was the South African Post Office. Bryant reports on the findings in the video interview here:

A new tool to future-proof brands

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