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The annual WPP BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands 2013 survey was released, showing that global brands are actually in recovery. Apple was named the most valuable brand this year.  The research also details the 10 current most important influences on brands cross-category:


1. Technology is a life force: Technology has become like breathing. We can’t live without it. And we’re not aware of it until there’s a problem. In the technology category, devices, content and distribution systems have coalesced into parallel and competing ecosystems.

Brand implications: “New and shiny” alone isn’t enough. No brand is unassailable. The winning brands attempt to be omnipresent and indispensable. One example is that of telecom providers creating their own branded ecosystems.


2. Life is blended: We increasingly move seamlessly between the personal, social and business aspects of our lives. Or we occupy these spaces simultaneously. Technology enables this fluidity.

Brand implications: Brands must keep up as we move among the personal, social and business aspects of our lives. Brands that force us to pause or switch devices risk losing us. The rigid B2C and B2B designations don’t fully apply anymore. To move smoothly, brands can’t be defined by a narrow function. Brands need to assume a higher purpose; then we grant them permission to be present all the time. The ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ trend shows how consumers are

driving this trend and this attitude is transforming the workplace as people reject IT-issued gear in favour of the brands and devices that they use in their personal lives anywhere, anytime.

3. Location is not importantread more

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