[Video] How Coca-Cola Is Tapping into Your Brain

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 5 April 16

At the launch of Coca-Cola’s new global marketing strategy in Dubai, Adlip caught up with Sharon Keith, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola SA, to find out how the brand is connecting with consumers – both literally and figuratively. According to Keith, the company has been relying on a ‘range of different research techniques’ to measure its advertising and marketing mix over the years. Interestingly, many of these techniques are underpinned by neuroscience…



“We’re able to track which elements of a piece of advertising material are engaging and which are less engaging…so we can tell which are the bits that make you sit up straighter and notice what you’re watching, and what you tune out from,” says Keith. “This helps with editing, as we can then cut from the commercial those elements which are distracting or uninteresting – and dial up the areas that are more compelling…”

Keith notes that in SA, various campaigns have done really well by using a more conventional technique called Link (executed by market research agency Millward Brown).

With regards to the new global marketing strategy and tagline, she says that the tagline has ‘evolved over the years’.

“We’ve tried to find words that are both evocative and sticky…and remind you of the brand,” she explains. “It’s been designed to cover both the product truth and brand values, but it might not translate literally around the world, so we’ve asked [countries] to translate it conceptually.”



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