[Video] Why Primedia doesn’t have a CMO …

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 27 May 16

Primedia, a major African focused media and advertising group targeting ‘consumers on the move’, has a very unique approach to Marketing. For one, there is no CMO. Michelle Sampson, Chief Finance Officer, Primedia Broadcasting, explains the fundamentals of their approach…



“Marketing is run by the exco, and the rest of the station managers,” she says. “Because we run a radio station, we think that all of our touchpoints are a chance to get our brand out there. The responsibility with regards to implementation is through the brand manager and the COO – but everybody has our brand print in mind, wherever we go and whatever we do.”

She notes that the group has always operated with a ‘very small structure’.

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“We started with one radio station, and now we have four. It works well to have a small and flat structure, which is why there is no CMO. We’re sort of a marketing hub – and ensure that getting the brand out there is on everybody’s dashboard.”

Living the Strategy

“We live our strategy, and all sit together for strat sessions – looking at strategic imperatives for the year,” says Sampson. “The programme manager and station manager really understand what type of listener they are trying to attract, which is why they have to be really involved in the brand print. Strategies include doing outside broadcasts, which is really a programming approach. There is also social media, and the option to use our talent to market the group. By breaking down all the silos, and working interdependently, it gives us more value at the end of the day.”

According to Sampson, the listener profile has changed over the years.

“So we market to listeners, but also to trade (as we sell B2B). The challenge is always to be out there and understand what the various markets want. Digital has certainly changed the world we live in, and we always need to balance how much or how little we should be using the various platforms to market.”

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