[Video] Why local brands are missing out on the lucrative youth market

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 5 April 16

When it comes to reaching the youth market, SA brands are overlooking several key platforms and opportunities. This is according to Kwanele Nomoyi, Youth Insights Specialist and business development consultant at Student Village, a youth marketing agency. Nomoyi, who spoke at the recent #YCON16 conference, explained to Adlip where – and how – young people are consuming media and content.



“The reality is that young people live in the Digital space…on their phones,” he says.

Nomoyi notes that more TV adverts, and especially TVCs aired during prime time, need to be more engaging – and need to transfer the message to the Digital sphere.

“Also, for the youth, radio exists in two forms: online radio and campus radio…”

In his view, brands are not recognising the massive value in these platforms and their influence on the youth market.

With regards to print media, he insists that ‘print is not dying.’

“Print is changing form,” he explains. “It’s now consumed in conjunction with its online form…so how can a brand create and deliver messages that speak to young people in both worlds?”

For brands needing to connect with Millennials and youth more meaningfully, Nomoyi says that campus radio simply cannot be ignored, and these stations have a very engaged  – and interactive – audience.

“Also, existing media on campus [is powerful],” he adds. “Students spend most of their day on campus…and yet brands usually have a limited existence [presence] in these spaces.”

Lastly, he advocates the use of social media influencers, and the power of peer-to-peer marketing.

“Try to make the experience as genuine as possible – so don’t dictate to the influencer what you want him/her to do – ask them what you could do around the brand or product,” he cautions.



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