3 Rules from the Instagrammer brands love

Sonya Culverwell, Managing Editor | 8 June 2016

Gareth Pon has over 240 000 followers and is Africa’s top Instagrammer. At a recent CreativeMornings event in Johannesburg, he shared the 3 rules that he believes are key to his success:

  1. Always make sure that what you’re creating is feeding your soul.

Pon believes in getting your intent right and in honoring the medium. He says that whether you’re documenting, working for clients or for yourself, or shooting portraits in the city streets, your heart needs to resonate with the content that you’re putting out.

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  1. Don’t get technical

Being something of a geek and self confessed technical nerd, Pon has experienced the dangers of getting tied up with the camera specs, recommended settings and endless research.  He believes that this need for perfection stifles his creativity and that with today’s cameras it’s pretty easy to let the camera get it all right for you.  “Just go out and shoot the shots” is his advice, because the most important thing to convey is emotion that will grab the viewer

  1. Ignore performance anxiety – just keep challenging yourself

While Pon is internationally acclaimed and has no shortage of brands knocking on his door, he still gets anxious about satisfying over a quarter of a million followers. Paradoxically, he is also easily bored. This is a good thing in his estimation because focussing on new, exciting projects that “…expose new parts of me that I can discover” is a great way of neutralising the anxiety.


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