How Zuckerberg uses Facebook Groups for himself…

More than 1 billion people are discovering, experiencing and accomplishing things in Facebook Groups every month. This translates to nearly 10 billion comments and more than 25 billion likes on Group posts in the month of December 2015 alone.

facebook groups64 percent of Facebook’s 1.55 billion monthly active users look to Groups to discover, connect, experience and accomplish goals together.  Zuckerberg himself utilizes Groups for his New Year’s resolutions; his “A Year of Running” group has over 100,000 members.

So here’s how to get in on the act if you haven’t already:

  • Decide what kind of group to use: Groups can be public, closed, or secret. Public groups mean that anyone can search for and join or request to join the group, as well as see posts in the Group. Closed groups mean that people can search for your group, must request to join and will need to be added to the group by an existing member in order to see posts in the Group. Secret groups mean that people cannot search for your group, so you must be added to the group by an existing member. See full matrix here:
  •  Personalize your group space: Choose a name, add a cover photo, and add a description so members know what your group is about and feel at home.
  • Pin the important post: Pin the most important post on top for easy reference
  •  Suggest admin: Suggest an admin if the group doesn’t have one yet
  • Decide how to be notified: Choose to use push notifications, no notifications, or only notifications on more significant posts, so you can keep up with important info, and choose to dip into other groups only when you feel like it. You can also hide old groups you’re not apart of anymore.
  • Quickly chat with group members: We’re starting to provide the ability to chat through Messenger with people in your group to make it even easier to have real-time conversations with your group members or a sub-set of your group members (“I’m going to be late to our meeting!”)
  •  Use a poll to make decisions: Use the poll option to decide what date you want the party to be, what time is best to study, etc. You can also create events!
  •  Share information: Share files, photos and videos, all within your group, to keep an historical record of everything you discuss. This allows you to keep a conversation going, pick up where you left off, and have a historical record of it all (instead of a long message thread that you’d need to search through).
  • Create events: Plan events with the people in your group (I.e. Group events)
  • Control conversations: If you’re an admin of the group, use the pending post option to control the conversation
  • Boost posts: Comment on an old post to bring that post back to the top of the conversation
  •  How to create a Group:
    • o   On web: From your homepage, go to the Groups section on your sidebar and click on Create Group. From there a window will appear where you’ll be able to add a group name, add members and select the privacy setting for your group. Click the Create button when you’re finished
    • On iPhone: Tap More, then under Groups, tap Create Group and enter Group name, description, privacy setting, and an icon. Tap Create in the top-right corner to confirm
    •  On Android: In the menu, scroll down to Groups, tap Add Group, enter the group’s name and select the privacy setting. Tap Continue to confirm


  • ·         How to join a Group:
    • Go to the group you want to be part of and then click Join Group in the top-right corner. You can also join any Open group that you see on the About page of someone’s Timeline by clicking Join.
    • You may have to wait for a group admin to approve your request. In some groups, you can also be added by a friend who’s already a member


·         Customize Your Groups Privacy Setting: You can select one of three privacy options for each group you create: Public, Closed or Secret

  • Public: Anyone can join or be added or invited by a member
  • Closed: Anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member
  • Secret: Anyone can join, but they have to be added or invited by a member


·         How-to tips for creating and maintaining a successful Group

  • Post Early & Often: Groups are more successful when the Group founders visit the Group early in its existence and post more often – get your Group started with posting on topics that encourage members to engage, share from the get-go and Like posts from other members
  • Spread The Word: Groups thrive when more than just the original Group founders invite people to join – add additional people as administrators for the Group and encourage other Group members to invite their friends or networks. For Open groups, add tags like life, sports, food, and more so that other people can find your Group and join
  • Make it Visual: Facebook found that flourishing Groups include logos, pictures, descriptions, or other visuals. Consider adding a link or visual to every post on the Group page. You can also add files to your Group – here’s more info on sharing stuff from your Dropbox with your Facebook Group
  • Create a web/email address for group so you can send people a link to join or create posts using email
  • Add Admins: Make another member an admin to help you manage the group
  • Build a Leadership Team: As your group grows, you can select community members to help lead and moderate the group’s members and content. Consider selecting individuals that share your goals and philosophies, demonstrate great communication skills, and champion key values of the community.
  • [This isn’t a marketing bullet point like most of the above choices are, but it’s a valuable tip for people to be aware of.] Group Changes: Your group name and privacy level are modifiable under certain circumstances. You can change your group name if you have less than 5000 members, and you can change your group’s privacy if you have less than 250 members.


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