[Video] Does your business need a social media strategy?

[Video] Does your business need a social media strategy?

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 19 February 16

When addressing the question of ‘does every brand/business need to be on social media’, Bronwyn van Rensburg, Head of Digital, Digital Republic, notes that there was a time when businesses questioned whether they really needed a website…



“And now look where everyone is at – if you start a business, you start with a website,” she says.

With regards to actively leveraging the growing number of social media platforms, she insists that it all comes down to your business objectives.

“They [social networks] are just channels that allow you to communicate with people,” adds van Rensburg. “And with masses of people, for a lot less money than traditional methods would require. So not everyone has to have a Facebook page, or a Twitter handle, but by understanding your business – you can align your [social] strategy accordingly…”


Essentially, she says that ‘you don’t have to be everywhere’, but you do need to understand what your competitors are doing in the social space.

“You need to track competitors online, as well as track and monitor yourself online,” says van Rensburg. “You can always tweak your strategy, and change what is not working.”

So does each social platform require its own strategy?

“I think if you’re an innovative brand, you can make any [social] platform applicable to you,” she explains. “There also needs to be spend allocated to each platform, and you need to decide on how much to spend per platform. But no matter which platform you’re on, you need to be a brand that engages and that reaches out…”

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