[Video] How Ongoing Conflict at Local Universities is Polarising SA

31 May 16: In this week’s Media Brand Buzz report, Petar Soldo, CEO, DDI Media Monitoring, explains how the clashes taking place at universities around the country have been dominating conversations on social media in the past months.



“The first major topic was around the fire at UJ,” he says. “It peaked on the 16th and 18th of March, with about 7000 interactions, over the two days. Twitter was the dominant platform, with 84% of the conversations taking place there, with most of the conversation driven by males.”

He notes that on social media, and particularly Twitter, there were many polarising views, with a lot of commentary around whether the country can really afford all the damage to infrastructure. There were also a lot of comments around how many students could be educated for the cost of the damage.

“The second major topic was around Professor Jansen stepping down from his post at Free State University, which was ‘bittersweet’ in many respects,” says Soldo. “Many people have appreciated the views of Prof.Jansen over the years, having done much to change the culture of the university in a positive way.”

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