[Video] How to get 20 million Twitter impressions (in 12 hours)

Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor; 31 March 16

At the recent #YCON16 conference held in Johannesburg, guest speakers shared their insights around Millennials (the generation born between 1980 – 2000), and how brands and marketers can resonate with this supposedly ‘fickle’ segment.

Arye Kellman, Creative Director at CliffCentral.com, had some tips for brands on social media platforms. During his talk, Kellman showcased a campaign that CliffCentral.com ran in January this year called #Kellman20.



“This was our take on something like the Forbes 30 under 30, and we had podcast conversations with 20 really dope Millennials from SA and around the world,” he explains. “We hoped that it would inspire our audience…to create.”

Kellman says the response was ‘unbelievable’, with the campaign trending on Twitter within half an hour of launch.

“We trended on Twitter for 12 hours…our analytics showed us that we had 20 million Twitter social impressions over that 12-hour period.”

He notes that the fundamental aim of the campaign was to create positive, inspiring content in the context of social media.

“Social media is very often negative and doesn’t inspire positive conversation…people responded very well to #Kellman20, so they definitely do want positive things, and will follow that stream of thought.”

For brands on social media looking to connect with young people, Kellman says the key is to be authentic and honest.

“Don’t be egocentric about your brand, and be honest about what the brand is…”



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